Social media advertising

In the social media advertising , Twitter, and Facebook is selectively used depending on the purpose , such as ” direct response “, ” branding “, ” research ” , by multiplying the target and creative , you can connect to the contribution to business results.

Strengths of Facebook advertising

possibility of custom audience

Mechanism that custom audience of Facebook ads , e-mail address or phone number , such as data , of course , the specific user who visited the page of , such as your company advertising target ( audience user that caused the particular event in the mobile app of your site ) it is possible to take advantage of as . In other words , it will be possible to appeal on Facebook to user loyalty high on their services and products .

Ad delivery in cross-device based on the “people”

Advertisement delivery based on a person, not Cookie

Ad delivery in the conventional targeting advertising (Cookie basis) , if the browser or device that you want to view is different , they are considered different target user , or duplicate ad appeal , not allow targeting advertising appeal that across the device No could . Facebook is not a Cookie -based ad delivery , in order to perform the ad delivery based on the Facebook user ID, ​​regardless PC, tablet , a device such as mobile , is possible to carry out the ad delivery for the ” people” .

Charm of Twitter advertising

Targeting function

Facebook is whereas the connection of realistic friends and acquaintances by the real-name system , Twitter users each other because it is a non- real name is connected by interests chair . By use of the interests of its own database to ad delivery , we aim to more effective results to the customer’s advertising campaign

Advertisers will be able to narrow the target account and tweet based on the following conditions

Timeline keyword

  1. Interest
  2. Area
  3. gender
  4. Similarity with existing followers

Other targeting options tweets are as follows .

  1. Device ( mobile , desktop )
  2. Keyword search results

You want to target in the timeline keyword

People will always have to reveal the wants and needs on Twitter. Keyword targeting in time line will target the user from the keyword that is included in the tweets to in response to the most recent and the most recent tweet content of Twitter users themselves . It can provide the appropriate content at the right time to the appropriate users .

You want to target in the interest

Twitter community , to the semiconductor from shoes , is passionate regarding what . Using a variety of target based on interest , which is also several hundred , and then the ideal subjects to help you deliver your message .


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