Exrant Inc. obey laws, guidelines and other related rules about protections of Personal Informations for recognitions of Personal Informations and thorough protections and treat Personal Informations as follows.

1.Acquisition of Personal Information.

Exrant Inc. practices acquition of Personal Information by proper and fair manners.
Our acquisition of Personal Information is practiced in necessary limit for achievement for purpose under ranges of services we provide and recruiting.
Our acquisition of Personal Information is practiced in only cases we notices the purpose of utilization we get the consents in advance.

2.Utilization of Personal Information.

Exrant Inc. use Personal Information only for purposes that are expressed in advance when the information is aquired and for purposes that are made public except in case the customer agrees and in case utilizations are approved in laws exceptionally.
In case we utilize Personal Information beyond the limit of the service, we handle them under beforehand concent of the customer himself.

3.Management and Protection of Personal Information.

For protections of customer’s Personal Information, Exrant Inc. makes efforts for prevention against outflows of Personal Information by taking measures for managements of access to Personal Information, for restrictions of means for taking out, for prevention of illigal access from the outside, for prevention of loss, destruction, alteration, and takes other necessary and proper measures, and by practicing strict managements.

4.Regarding Commission of Personal Information.

Exrant Inc. may commit all or parts of treatments of Personal Informations to a third party.
As far as necessity for achievement for purpose of utilization.
As to a third party as a committee, we reserch strictly, demand a consensus against a contract including maintenance of secret, and practice necessary and proper supervision.

5.Disclosure of Personal Information to a third party.

Exrant Inc. does not disclose Personal Information to a third party except our commitee without obtaining prior consent of a customer him(her)self.
However, as far as necessary minimum range, we disclose to a third party in any of the following cases.
・a case in which we get a consent of a customer.
・a case in which it is necessary for legal obligation that we must obey.
・a case in which it is necessary for protections of important benefit as a life, health, property of a customer.
・a case in which it is permissible under Personal Information Protection Law.

6.Changes of this Privacy Policy.

Exrant Inc. plans reconsiderations and improvements.
Owing to the reconsiderations and improvements, we may change, add, revise this Privacy policy without previous announcements.
This revised Privacy policy will be applied when it is disclosed on Web-site.

Designated date by law : 01.Apr.2004
Last date : 29.Mar.2011

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